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The World's Tallest Man

Network: Discovery TLC

Channel 4

Runtime: 60 min 

In September 2009 Sultan Kösen from Turkey was unveiled as the world’s tallest man and with this title came the attention of the world. But Sultan desires more than just fame and there’s only one thing he wants and that’s a true love. However, Sultan’s 8 foot 1 body continues to grow, threatening his life. In need of urgent treatment, this documentary follows him on an inspirational journey across the world as he goes in search of life-saving surgery. Will the world’s leading medical experts be able to help him in time? This is the emotional story of “The World’s Tallest Man” and his fight for survival.

The World's Tallest Man: Still Growing
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  • Vimeo - White Circle



Golden ACE Award

Las Vegas Film Festival, 2011

Best Documentary

New Hope Film Festival, 2011

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