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Pint-Sized Preachers

Network: National Geographic

Runtime: 120 min 

Meet three extraordinary children who are waging a war on the world’s sinners in the name of Jesus. In Mississippi, Kanon Tipton is four years old. Too young to read or write, his sermons on the gospel have seen him billed as the ‘world’s youngest preacher’. In Rio, Matheus Moraes has been evangelizing since he was six years old. Now 12, he continues to tour his native Brazil converting thieves, drug dealers, and gang members. In Florida, Terry Durham claims to be the world’s youngest ordained minister. Many believe that he can heal the sick with a single touch. Are these children a force of good in the spiritual battle against evil? Or are they the result of fanatical parents, and congregations desperate for miracles?

Pint Sized Preachers
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