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Ancient Discoveries is a landmark History US series which unearths amazing technologies that we think of as modern, but which actually have their origins in antiquity. The series travels back in time to uncover remarkably sophisticated inventions and to celebrate the ancient engineers whose ingenuity laid the foundations for today’s technology. The series has currently run to 42 hours and was shot in over 30 countries worldwide. Using cutting edge CGI technology and inventive ‘ancient tests’ the viewer is transported into the ancient world in an evocative manner. The series has been praised for its high quality production values and has become a global phenomenon, being shown in over 40 countries worldwide. Ancient Discoveries has allowed Wild Dream Films to become renowned as one of the few ancient documentary specialists in the world. With incredible contacts and a wealth of experience filming in some of the most beautiful locations in antiquity, we are ideally placed to produce more shows in this genre.

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